Tuesday, February 14, 2017


      So..............it's been a bit, yeah? I want to say 6 or so months sine my last rant? Yeah.......sorry? At least I'm back for Valentine's day. I've been gone for half a year and I feel as though I've never known the person who was writing back in August.

      Everyone knows that things change from middle school to high school. The Mormon in your social studies class is suddenly an alcoholic. That guy who used to be obsessed with his studies is now failing. Well, I thought hey i'm pretty average i'm not insanely popular or pretty or smart or talented. this'll be just like middle school. things will sorta change I guess sophomore year.


      I'm not going to go over everything because that's what novels are for; and I'm not some storybook character where I'm absolutely perfect and I don't do horrible things and I undermine an astonishing character change and I'm a person anew.

In life, you don't know your "story arc", per se. Your exposition could be the same boring place you've always been in or someplace new; and you'd never now. You don't know what your rising action perils are and you don't know what is your climax. To you, it's just an overwhelming situation of anxiety; and for some of us, that happens like every other week.

      But uh, schoolwork, rumors, the reality of things, the backstabbing, the desperately hanging on to what minimal friends you do have, basic high school stuff that's supposed to happen. Yay! Suffering! The fact that this only gets worse fucking HORRIFIES me!

      Basically high school is just kind of reinforcing everything I've ever learned in life, just in more profoundly "what the literal fuck" situations. But that's enough about these last 6 months, I want to talk about today: Valentine's Day.

      I normally don't give a fuck about this holiday whether or not I am single or in a relationship, but this year felt...different. I don't know. It kind of gave a warm feeling of happiness and "fuck valentine's day i'm getting my own damn chocolates" and just the love of between friends got stronger.

      I personally spent my Valentine's Day with people who truly matter. My friends, my boyfriend, and my siblings. Yes, I know you're probably thinking really? you're boyfriend comes before your siblings? honey he's gonna break your heart any day now. Honestly, he probably is. But he tried to make personal chocolates for me and worked on a romantic iMovie video, so that was touching. I also spent about 40 minutes with him so that was pretty litty. Also, just getting away from that, I went and saw SPLIT with my brother. Absolutely great movie, you should go watch it.

      Sorry but my creative juices are running out so dats it lol bye.