Friday, July 22, 2016

Short Note Because I Only Have 8 More Days To Make This Post

      So, as of right now, it is July 22nd, and apparently (as I've learned from BuzzFeed), the "Summer Midpoint" is August 1st. We're going back to school in 5 weeks. I'm internally dying inside. I've spent the last 4 or 5 weeks literally sleeping in and watching YouTube/Netflix. And I'm okay with doing that for an extra two weeks. Technically, incoming freshmen go in on August 31st because of Freshman Orientation bleh bleh bleh.

      I hate everything, and I still have 5 weeks left. And, I have the summer reading essays that are extra credit that my mom is insisting is mandatory. For someone who loves literature and writing and reading, you'd think I'd be less annoyed about summer reading or reading books in English class--but get this: I'm fine with everything "school" related, as long as it's not for a grade. Because that sucks the fun out of everything.

      Schools sucks ass. It sucks the fun out of learning and things I actually genuinely and wholeheartedly enjoy and there's just this aura of fake people and hate and stupidity and public school is shit, man.

      Apparently a good distraction from that is a job but no one wants to hire 14 year olds anywhere near me, it's all 16+ and the only places that do hire 14 year olds are all the way in Patterson and I'm not walking that far for money. I live practically on the border of Carmel and Stormville and Holmes; and I also have the athletic stamina of the average 4 year old; so I'll just be broke for two more years.