Friday, June 3, 2016

The Oxford Comma Is Livin Like Larry

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't make a blog post last month, my computer has been just doing weird crap recently. I'm really sorry about that guys. I'll see if I can make two blog posts this month, even though we all know that that's not going to happen; I'm still going to try.

I know that this is a really weird question, but what is the internet's latest obsession with the oxford comma? You'd think that is was a pop star or some new band but it's literally just a regular literary item used for lists. Like there's fanpages for it. Did something happen that involved the oxford comma that I missed and now I'm just looking at the aftermath like what is happening honestly.

So my school honestly feels like it's Valentine's day overload, and it's freaking June. There's all these couples around me, going on dates, hanging out, loving each other, being best friends; and I'm pretty much just sitting by my phone for 3 weeks silently begging for my boyfriend to text me back.

Livin like Larry, amiright folks?

Also, another thing, how can you be nice to your boyfriend's ex when they were dating and call them a whore behind their back, but then when you start dating your boyfriend, you openly just start calling them a whale and a hoe and make fun of them/harass them online for a bunch of shit; and then play the fucking victim?

Like no, that shit's not okay. It has never been okay and it will never be okay. Like how freaking lonely, insecure, and depressed do you have to be do stoop down so fucking low and only find happiness in talking shit about others?

Unless you're GFMSROASTS2016, then you're just an annoying little twat who thinks that you're better about everybody and that your roasts are A1 fire when in reality, they're watery as shit.

People I strongly dislike are now going to be referred to as GFMSROASTS2016. It's a mouthful, but it's worth it.

Oh! Or when you talk shit about one of your friend's friend and they say something to such friend, and suddenly they're fake? Like excuse me, you were talking shit behind someone's back and then was nice to their face, but you're not fake; but someone saying "hey our friend was saying some crap about you earlier" makes them fake AF.

Got it. So to fake people, everyone being real is fake and everyone who supports you being fake and joins in with your silicone personality is real. That's not weird at all.

But I'm one to talk. I literally run a blog were I tell the whole world my shit and my friends' shit and then don't delete posts when the problem is over with. At least everything I say behind people's back, I usually say it to their face first. And quite frankly, I usually talk good about people behind their back, though I do get pissy like every other 8th grader that literally ever existed.

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