Friday, December 25, 2015

Hey guys, it's Chess! So is it just me or did 2015 go by so fast and so overwhelmingly? So much happened but it feels like it was 2015 for like 10 minutes. Maybe that's just me. Comment if you feel the same.
But it's Christmas day today (when I'm making this post) so that means it's too late for Christmas ideas, but it's the perfect day to start 2016 preparations.
I personally don't believe in resolutions because I think that if you want to solve a problem, you shouldn't procrastinate doing that. If you're waiting until the weekend, until spring/summer, until the new year, you're just wishing your life away without living it.
There's a couple of things I want to work on which I will be doing first thing tomorrow morning as I am in my jammies and fuzzy socks making this post.
I'm going to stay true to my to-do lists and have that only be the standard for my day rather than goals.
I'm going to write down all my ideas.
I won't give up o the 50+ stories that are in my phone, my computer, my 12 notebooks, etc.
I will not let small things overwhelm me.
I will only accept respect and not give anyone who won't give me that minimum my precious time.
I will talk about my feelings without bottling them up.
I will give more compliments to strangers.
I will not shy away from potential friendships out of anxiety.
I will not get upset over petty things.
I will not overthink unnecessary things.
I will enjoy my presence even if it feels as though no one else does.
I will accept that certain things are just in my head.
I will take every opportunity I can for good memories.
I will not push people away when I feel connection and/or get scared.
I'll eat better food choices.
I will take care of my depression, body, MDD, anxiety, and diabetes with more care.
I will do things to myself for me and no one else.

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